Access, Retention & Completion Committee (ARC)


Mission: The Access, Retention and Completion (ARC) Committee is a collaborative effort where representatives from constituent groups across the College prioritize, coordinate and shepherd the multiple projects and tasks derived from Strategic Priorities, Targeted Tasks and Institutional Activities related to Access, Retention and Completion. ARC is a continuation of efforts begun by the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee (2007-2011) which is no longer a functioning committee.

In keeping with the larger vision of the institution, ARC seeks to build a system of decision-making that incorporates the College’s current process and continues to build and maintain the appropriate enrollment for today and into our future. This will be accomplished by ensuring that we attend to each core theme of appropriate, adaptable, and accountable transfer education, career and technical education, essential skills and lifelong learning.

Charge: Through research, best practice implementation, and student engagement practices, ARC participants, in consultation with the Instructional Standards and Procedures Committee as appropriate, will inform and guide the college regarding institutional priorities and enrollment management practices and policies.

ARC recommendations will be presented to College Council or other relevant committees (e.g. ISP) as needed for review and discussion. Policy changes will be referred to President’s Council as appropriate. NOTE: Reporting aspects may be adjusted due to current college-wide committee structure conversations.

Last College Council Presentation: 5/21/2019


  • ARC Steering & Policy Subcommittee
  • ARC Access & Retention Subcommittee
  • ARC Retention & Completion Subcommittee
  • ARC Financial Resources & Supports Subcommittee


  • In order to have an effective membership representative of the entire college, representatives from each of the instructional divisions (Academic Foundations and Connections -AFaC, Technology, Health Occupations, Workforce Division - TAPS, Arts and Sciences - AS, and Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - IEP) is needed. Because many enrollment practices and strategies directly impact Enrollment and Student Services, the committee must include the directors from those areas. When at all possible, students should be included on the committee.
  • ARC Committee Membership:
  • Josh Aman, Tutoring and Academic Computer Lab Coordinator
  • Jennifer Anderson, Associate Dean - AFaC (Chair)
  • Dustin Bare, Director, Student Academic Support Services
  • Katrina Boone, Associate Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
  • Jaime Clark, Director, Office of Education Partnership
  • John Ginsburg, Director, Student Leadership and Engagement
  • Michell Gipson, Administrative Assistant - AFaC (Recorder)
  • Marc Goldberg, Interim Title II Director
  • RB Green, Veterans Affairs Coordinator
  • Lori Hall, Public Information Officer - College Relations and Marketing
  • Tami Harper, Administrative Coordinator - AFaC
  • Shalee Hodgson, Associate Dean - Technology, Applied Science & Public Service
  • Joan Jagodnik, Student/Academic/Support Services
  • Kelly Love, Title III Project Director/Guided Pathways Transition Coordinator
  • Jim Martineau, Director, Physical Education/Athletics
  • Lauren McGuire, Research Associate -Continuous Improvement Professional
  • Jennifer Nickell, Part Time Faculty Aliied Health
  • John Phelps, Faculty - Welding Technology Instructor , Manufacturing Technology
  • Ariane Rakich, Admissions Councelor - AFaC
  • Lisa Reynolds, Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences
  • Terrie Sanne, Interim Director, Financial Aid
  • Ryan Stewart, Student Support and Retention Coordinator
  • Chris Sweet, Registrar/Enrollment Services Operations Manager
  • Adam Wickert, Economics Instructor
  • Beth Wicklund, Title III Navigator - Lead
  • The ability to set direction for strategic enrollment management requires active participation. Members support ARC initiatives and planning through peer-to-peer information sharing opportunities, regular attendance at ARC meetings, and participation on subcommittees, work groups, and/or project teams. The expectation is that all members will actively participate in Access Retention and Completion efforts and add value to the ARC activities and planning.

Committee Information

Meeting Schedule: The fall ARC schedule is listed below and future meetings will be identified based on participant availability. • Monday, December 16, 10:30 – 12:00 – CC 126 Please let Jennifer Anderson know if you are interested in participating at Site Last Updated: 10/10/19 Membership List Last Updated: 12/20/18

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