Cultural Arts Committee


The Cultural Arts Committee is dedicated to coordinating and promoting the arts on campus and supporting CCC's role as the cultural hub of Clackamas County.

The purpose of the Cultural Arts Committee is to:

1. Provide encouragement and funding for art/film/music/theatre/literary arts projects

2. Promote the awareness and value of the human need for aesthetic expression

3. Provide interdepartmental support through promotion of student, staff and faculty creative work

4. Expose the community to significant artists of diverse cultures through workshops, speaking engagements and performances.

5. Explore avenues for continued funding


- Funding means money provided through Cultural Arts Committee Funds for Excellence and occasional fundraising events.

- Cultural Arts is defined as a representation of diverse art forms including performance, visual arts, literature, film, dance, theatre and emerging art forms.

- Community is defined as the people of Clackamas County and the greater Northwest.

- Interdepartmental Support is defined as creative collaboration between multiple departments in the college community.


The scope of the Cultural Arts Committee includes serving people from

1. CCC Faculty and Staff

2. Clackamas County and the greater Northwest


  • none


  • Admin/Confidential: Open
  • ASG/Student: Open
  • Classified: Ami Collofello | A&S | Music
  • Classified: Jennifer Jett | A&S | Theatre
  • College Services: Open
  • FTF: James Eikrem (co-chair) | A&S | Theatre
  • FTF: John Phelps | TAPS | Manufacturing
  • FTF: Open | CPR | Dept.
  • FTF: Open | CBI | Dept.
  • FTF: Sue Mach | AFAC | English
  • FTF (at large): Brian Rose | A&S| Music
  • FTF (at large): Chris Whitten |A&S | Theatre
  • FTF (at large): Irma Bjerre | A&S | World Language
  • FTF (at large): Kathleen Hollingsworth (co-chair) | A&S | Music
  • FTF (at large): Lars Campbell | A&S | Music
  • FTF (at large): Sharron Furno | TAPS | Criminal Justice
  • PTF: Lind Mizar

Committee Information

Meeting Schedule: First Tuesday of every month when school is in session. Process: Application upon request from Committee Chair and presentation during meeting.

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