College Council Recharge (CCR)


Using the principles of shared governance that were clarified during the 14-15 school year the sub-committee for reviewing College Council mission will:

• Identify and clarify the mission, roles, and responsibilities of CCC’s College Council and the colleges’ committees, sub-committees, and task forces.

• Identify and clarify the types of activities that take place within each committee and sub-committee and how each is related to the larger college mission and strategic priorities.

• Identify and categorize the types of activities within each committee and the appropriate reporting and communicating structure.

• Align the activities within each committee to identify categories of committees, sub-committees, and task forces.


  • As needed.


  • Phillip King (Chair of College Council and Dean of AFaC); Amanda Coffee (Full-Time Faculty Association President and faculty in AFAC); a representative from the College Advancement team; a representative from THOW; a representative from A & S; a representative from CPR; a representative from PTF association; a representative from College Services; and a representative from Classified Association.

Committee Information

Meeting Schedule: 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Site Last Updated: 11/2/15.

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