Grounds Committee


To act as a sounding board for the Grounds Department and assist in planning and problem solving for the college's three campus sites. To act as a liaison for campus construction and development to see that the Landscape Values document components are fulfilled.

Reports To: CUDC

Last College Council Presentation: May 4, 2018


  • None


  • Aaron Ingersoll
  • April Chastain (Chair)
  • Joan Harrison-Buckley
  • Joyce Gabriel
  • Karen Maynard
  • Lloyd Helm
  • Loretta Mills (Recorder)
  • Nora Brodnicki
  • TJ McDonough
  • Tom Powell
  • Jason Robertson
  • Jim Wentworth-Plato
  • ASG Student(s)

Committee Information

Meeting Schedule: Once a term or as needed Site Last Updated: 8/23/17 Membership List Last Updated: 1/28/20

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