Guided Pathways Leadership Task Force


The charge of the Guided Pathways Task Force is to provide leadership and coordination of the research, learning, development, planning and implementation of the college-wide guided pathways initiative. The task force will establish timelines of tasks, set standards of measurement for improvement, oversee the progress of the guided pathways work groups and communicate progress to the college community.

What is guided pathways?

Guided pathways is a movement that will change how Clackamas students experience their educational journey and successfully meet their goals.

Simply put, it’s an easy-to-use strategy that gets students on a path, helps them stay on a path and complete a path. This is a college-wide approach to help students reach their goals while saving time and money.

Why is this work important?

• To address achievement gaps for underrepresented students (equity)

• To address low retention and completion rates for all CCC students

• To ensure learning across both the academic and student experience life cycle

The Guided Pathways Task Force has established the following work groups:


  • Pre-college
  • Collaborative advising
  • Communication
  • Education Focus Areas


  • ASG Representative
  • Brittany Maloney, Part-time Faculty, Counseling
  • Carol Burnell, English Faculty, Department Chair
  • Casey Sims, Counselor
  • Darlene Geiger, Associate Dean Academic Foundations & Connections, Academic Foundations & Connections
  • David Plotkin, Vice President, Instruction & Student Services
  • Dawn Hendricks, Ed.D. Education, Human Services and Criminal Justice, Faculty
  • Dion Baird, Dean and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Dustin Bare, Director Student & Academic Support Services, Student Success Center
  • Jaime Clarke, Director, Office of Education Partnerships, Office of Education Partnerships
  • Karen Ash, Director Financial Aid, Financial Aid &Scholarships
  • Laurette Scott, Department Chair, Education, Human Services, & Criminal Justice, TAPS Division
  • Lisa Anh Wang, Director Institutional Research & Reporting, Institutional Research/Planning
  • Lisa Reynolds, Associate Dean of Arts & Science, Arts & Sciences Division
  • Lori Hall, Public Information Officer, College Relations & Marketing
  • Max Wedding, Associate Dean of Arts & Science, Arts & Sciences Division
  • Melissa Padron, Enrollment Services Specialist, Academic Foundations & Connections
  • Nora Brodnicki, Department Chair, Art
  • Sara Sellards, Executive Assistant to Vice President, Instruction & Student Services
  • Sue Goff, Dean, Arts & Sciences
  • Tara Sprehe, Dean, Academic Foundations & Connections, Enrollment & Student Services

Committee Information

For more information about the work of the Guided Pathways Task Force, including a glossary and timeline, visit the Additional Documents page.

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