Instructional Standards & Procedures Committee

The next Instructional Standards & Procedures Committee meeting is: Friday, April 10, 2020

ISP Manual

FilenameLast Updated
-ISP Numbering Guide and Categories.docx12/10/2019
ISP 150 Online Courses.docx10/24/2018
ISP 160 Course Outline and Course Syllabus Information.docx9/26/2018
ISP 160A Course Syllabus Information and Format.docx2/26/2019
ISP 161 Course Creation, Edits, Inactivation and Deactivation.docx3/7/2017
ISP 162 Program Creation and Approval.docx3/7/2017
ISP 164 Class Section Cancellation Guidelines.docx3/9/2017
ISP 165 Program Suspension & Reinstatement.docx3/7/2017
ISP 166 Program Amendment.docx3/7/2017
ISP 170 Textbook and Instructional Materials Adoption Standard.docx10/12/2016
ISP 170P Textbook and Instructional Materials Adoption Procedure.doc5/10/2017
ISP 180 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).docx3/7/2017
ISP 181 Related Instruction.docx4/12/2019
ISP 190 Academic Honesty.docx9/28/2018
ISP 191 Administrative Withdrawal.docx10/12/2018
ISP 191P Adminstrative Withdrawal Procedure.doc4/25/2019
ISP 260 Placement Assessment.docx9/28/2018
ISP 261 Math Placement Information in Career Technical Degrees .docx10/12/2016
ISP 270 Testing Center for Faculty Assigning Exams.docx11/19/2019
ISP 270P Testing Center for Faculty Assigning Exams.docx11/19/2019
ISP 280 Grading.docx10/12/2016
ISP 280A Department Grading Method Options.docx10/12/2016
ISP 290 Educational Progress.docx6/18/2018
ISP 290P Educational Progress.doc6/18/2018
ISP 350 Credit Hour Policy Standard.docx3/8/2019
ISP 360 Credit for Prior Learning.docx1/22/2019
ISP 360A Non-Challengeable Course List.docx10/12/2016
ISP 360P Credit for Prior Learning Procedure.doc1/22/2019
ISP 370 Advanced College Credit (ACC).docx2/22/2017
ISP 370P Advanced College Credit (ACC) Procedure.doc7/10/2017
ISP 371 Advanced Placement.docx2/13/2019
ISP 371A Advanced Placement Credit for Oregon's Colleges and Universities.doc1/26/2017
ISP 371P Advanced Placement Procedure.docx5/8/2019
ISP 372 International Baccalaureate.docx2/13/2019
ISP 372A International Baccalaureate Credit Table.docx10/12/2016
ISP 372P International Baccalaureate Procedure.docx10/12/2016
ISP 373 College Level Examination Program.docx10/31/2019
ISP 373A College Level Examination Program Credit Chart.docx3/21/2017
ISP 373P College Level Examination Program Procedure.docx10/12/2016
ISP 374 Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST).docx3/7/2017
ISP 374A Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) Chart.docx3/21/2017
ISP 380 Acceptance of Credit.docx6/20/2019
ISP 380P Acceptance of Credit Procedure.docx6/20/2019
ISP 390 Work-Based Learning (Cooperative Work Experience).docx2/13/2019
ISP 391 Credit for Variable Credit Classes.docx3/9/2017
ISP 392 Contractual Relationships with Organizations Not Regionally Accredited.docx12/10/2019
ISP 392A Contractual Relationships with Organizations Not Regionally Accredited.pdf12/10/2019
ISP 460 Underage Enrollment- Students Under 18.docx3/9/2017
ISP 461 Registration and Transcript Restrictions.docx5/13/2019
ISP 461P Registration and Transcript Restrictions (Holds) Procedure.docx5/13/2019
ISP 470 Course Substitution or Waiver.docx3/7/2018
ISP 471 Courses repeatable for additional credit.docx10/12/2016
ISP 472 Repeat of Courses for GPA Recalculation.docx10/10/2018
ISP 472P Repeat of Courses for GPA Recalculation Procedure.docx10/12/2016
ISP 480 Academic Standing.docx10/12/2016
ISP 481 Recognition of Academic Excellence.docx10/12/2016
ISP 490 Catalog Designation for Graduation Requirements.docx4/12/2017
ISP 491 Residency Requirements for Graduation.docx10/12/2018
ISP 492 Multiple Degrees -- Certificates of Completion.docx10/12/2016
ISP Categories.docx3/9/2017
Registration and Transcript Restrictions-Holds.doc8/11/2014

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