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The next College Council meeting is: Friday, February 5, 2021


College Council addresses operational issues across the college, hears committee reports, provides updates from other college-wide meetings, and serves as a forum for discussion of major college issues as they arise. As a general rule, those matters that would impact more than one department or division of the College are reviewed by College Council. College Council is an important vehicle for college-wide communication and information dissemination. Membership includes Deans, Association Representatives, two representatives from each division, and all other interested parties.

College Council maintains close connection with standing committees, internal advisory committees, task forces, and department chairs. Each committee chair and department chair has the responsibility for reporting to College Council on matters that would impact more than one department or division of the College.

College Council also has the role of clarifying the role of each committee and asking for periodic reports from committee chairs. This two-way dialogue and communication is intended to clarify the most effective and efficient problem solving.

Recognizing that each issue/problem has its unique context (time constraints, resource requirements, and policy implications), deliberations of College Council will normally operate within the following framework:

1. Diversity of opinion is welcomed and embraced and active participation of all members is encouraged.

2. When discussions reflect a strong lack of consensus or persistent concern, representatives may be asked to reconsider and/or review their proposal with their committee or group. Please note that all matters for decision-making should be referred to Presidents Council.

3. College Council endeavors to work on a two-week turnaround between the time a recommendation is made and the time is re-heard (as needed), and then passed along to the Presidents’ Council.

Reports To: Presidents' Council.


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Committee Information

Meeting Schedule: 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month from 12-1:30pm in CC127. Site Last Updated: 9/6/18.

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