Food Service Committee


Monitor compliance with food service contract; evaluate pricing, food, value, and quality of service. Provide feedback from individual areas of the food services contractor.

Reports To: CUDC

Last College Council Presentation: June 6, 2019


  • None


  • Alissa Mahar (College Services)
  • Beth Hodgkinson (Arts & Sciences)
  • Elizabeth Cole (Business Office)
  • Jennifer Miller (Facility Reservations)
  • John Ginsburg (Student Life & Leadership)
  • Laura Smith (Recorder)
  • Loretta Mills (Horticulture)
  • Michelle Baker (Student Life & Leadership)
  • Mickey Yeager (Chair)
  • Naomi Sether (Science)
  • Sara Dier (Foundation)
  • Tami Strawn (AFaC)
  • ASG President

Committee Information

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