Mission Fulfillment Committee (MFC)


The Mission Fulfillment Committee oversees the college’s approach to measuring mission fulfillment, including establishing meaningful indicators, supporting the institution’s integrated assessment of outcomes at the institution, service area, program, and course levels, and communicating results to the College community. The committee supports and aligns structures related to institutional, divisional and departmental planning. The committee seeks to strengthen alignment of College priorities and actions, and share information about alignment/misalignment with relevant stakeholders. To achieve this purpose the committee reviews institutional assessment process that addresses mission fulfillment, strategic priority objectives, and outcomes and recommends changes or additions. The committee also reviews processes for connecting assessment results to continuous improvement activities in order to evaluate whether they drive our planning and budgeting processes. The committee is responsible for supporting the Accreditation Liaison Officer and the Office of Institutional Research regarding all accreditation reporting and compliance.


  • Accreditation
  • Strategic Priorities & Planning


  • Alissa Mahar, VP, College Services
  • Cynthia Risan, Dean, TAPS
  • David Plotkin, VP, InSS (co-chair)
  • Elizabeth Carney, Assessment Coordinator
  • George Burgess, FTF, Arts and Sciences
  • Jason Kovac, Dean, IEP (co-chair)
  • Jeff Shaffer, Dean, Business Services
  • Lisa Anh Nguyen, Institutional Research
  • Mary Jean Williams, PTF, Communications
  • Matt Goff, Manager, CBI
  • Sue Goff, Dean, Arts and Sciences
  • Sunny Olsen, Director, Harmony
  • Sara Sellards (recorder)
  • Tara Sprehe, Dean, AFAC

Committee Information

Next scheduled meeting: Thursday, May 28, 2020, 10-11 a.m. on Zoom.

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