Curriculum Committee

The next Curriculum Committee meeting is: Friday, January 29, 2021


In supporting the mission of the College, the Curriculum Committee oversees the quality and content of course outlines and transfer and non-transfer degree and certificate requirements in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and other relevant agencies. The committee provides guidance, advocacy, and oversight for curricular issues that are cross-departmental or institutional in scope and impact. The Curriculum Committee works with the Curriculum Office, Instructional Standards & Procedures (ISP) Committee, the Assessment Committee and other college entities as necessary.

Primary Functions

The committee reviews--and makes recommendations regarding--new courses, revisions to existing courses, transferability, general education and related instruction issues, and new and revised programs.

1. Provide oversight of all new or changed course outlines and program proposals to ensure that academic standards are maintained.

a. Review and evaluate course outlines to assure that they are well developed, clear and complete, meet state guidelines, conform to CCC standards, satisfy transferability requirements (if any), and that supporting documents adequately supplement the proposal;

b. Assure that general education outcomes on course mapping documents are clearly and appropriately addressed in the student learning outcomes, and that state approved criteria are reflected in the course outlines to which the mapping documents are attached;

c. For courses identified as meeting Related Instruction through embedded content, ensure that course outlines clearly address the student learning outcomes relevant to the Related Instruction area;

d. Make recommendations to assist individuals and departments to strengthen their course outlines and program proposals.

2. Evaluate the impact of curriculum proposals on the College to assure that the curriculum offered is complementary and integrated.

a. Assure that overlap with existing courses, impacts on other divisions, departments, courses, programs, college services, and pre/co-requisites have been addressed.

3. Approve or disapprove new or changed course outlines and programs, recommend quality and conformance to best curricular practice throughout the College.

4. Establish, review and revise procedures and guidelines as needed to assure quality and conformance to best curricular practice throughout the College.

NOTE: The Curriculum Committee is not responsible for generating or implementing the curriculum proposals that it approves; such responsibility rests with faculty, departments, and the administration.

The Committee is also not responsible for the budgetary consequences (e.g. faculty workload, materials, equipment) of curricular proposals and does not use such considerations as the basis of its recommendations.


  • Related Instruction Sub-Committee:
  • -----Shalee Hodgson (Lead)
  • -----Sarah Steidl
  • -----Scot Pruyn
  • -----Tracy Nelson
  • General Education Sub-Committee:
  • -----Lisa Reynolds (Lead)
  • -----Tara Sprehe
  • -----Dustin Bare
  • -----Casey Sims
  • AFAC Review Team Lead: Tracy Nelson (interim for 20-21)
  • Arts and Sciences Review Team Lead: Lisa Reynolds
  • TAPS Review Team Lead: Shalee Hodgson


  • Member Name-----------Committee Role------------------------------------------------------------Ending Term
  • Curriculum Committee/Curriculum Office
  • Scot Pruyn----------------- Chair---------------------------------------------------------------------------2021/SP
  • Alice Lewis-----------------Alternate Chair---------------------------------------------------------------2021/SP
  • David Plotkin-------------- Vice President, Instruction & Student Services-------------------- Ex-Officio
  • Jason Kovac---------------Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Dru Urbassik---------------Director, Curriculum & Scheduling-------------------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Megan Feagles----------- Curriculum & Scheduling Office/Recorder---------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Elizabeth Carney -------- Center for Teaching and Learning Representative----------------Ex-Officio
  • Rotates--------------------- ASG Student Representative--------------------------------------------Ex-Officio
  • TBD--------------------------Library------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/SP
  • Academic Foundations and Connections (AFAC)
  • Tara Sprehe---------------Dean, AFAC ------------------------------------------------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Terrie Sanne---------------Financial Aid----------------------------------------------------------------- Ex-Officio
  • Sarah Steidl-------------- Graduation Services-------------------------------------------------------- Ex-Officio
  • Dustin Bare--------------- Director, Student Academic Support Services----------------------- 2023/SP
  • Kara Leonard-------------Academic and Career Coaches------------------------------------------2023/SP
  • Andrea Vergun-----------Basic Skills Development & ESL-----------------------------------------2022/SP
  • Amanda Coffey---------- English--------------------------------------------------------------------------2024/SP
  • Tracy Nelson ------------ Health/Physical Education-------------------------------------------------2021/SP
  • Scot Pruyn---------------- Math-----------------------------------------------------------------------------2021/SP
  • Casey Sims----------------Faculty-At-Large-------------------------------------------------------------2023/SP
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Sue Goff-------------------Dean, Arts & Sciences--------------------------------------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Lisa Reynolds------------Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences------------------------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Nora Brodnicki***------- Art, Comm, Theatre, Journalism, World Lang, Music--------------- 2023/SP
  • George Burgess---------Faculty-At-Large-------------------------------------------------------------- 2023/SP
  • Rick Carino---------------Computer Science------------------------------------------------------------ 2023/SP
  • Jim Wentworth-Plato---Business/Computer Science, Horticulture------------------------------ 2023/SP
  • Eden Francis-------------Sciences and Engineering------------------------------------------------- 2022/SP
  • Kerrie Hughes------------Faculty-At-Large---------------------------------------------------------------2023/SP
  • Alice Lewis----------------Faculty-At-Large---------------------------------------------------------------2022/SP
  • Charles Siegfried--------Part-Time Faculty--------------------------------------------------------------2022/SP
  • Patricia McFarland------Faculty-At-Large---------------------------------------------------------------2021/SP
  • Technology, Applied Science, and Public Services (TAPS)
  • Cynthia Risan------------Dean, TAPS--------------------------------------------------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Shalee Hodgson--------Associate Dean, TAPS-------------------------------------------------------Ex-Officio
  • Mike Mattson------------Industrial Technology--------------------------------------------------------- 2021/SP
  • Helen Wand------------- Nursing, Allied Health/Part-Time Faculty Association----------------2021/SP
  • Jeff Ennenga------------Wilsonville, Apprenticeship, Fire, Emergency---------------------------2023/SP
  • Sharron Furno-----------Education, Human Services, Criminal Justice/Public Services---- 2023/SP
  • 2020-2021 Sabbaticals
  • ***Nora Brodnicki 2021/SP

Committee Information

Members serve three-year terms ending in the designated term next to their name. Membership last updated: December 4, 2020

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